Monday, August 24, 2015

Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband:
If you get down on one knee, it is because you fit the qualities I have been looking for. I am not wanting perfection, but there are things I expect.
If you make it to this point, it will be because you respected me. When I set physical boundaries, you didn’t manipulate me to go further. I trusted that you would encourage purity for both of us. And you did.
If I say yes, it is because you will be the spiritual leader I need. I want and need you to pray with me. I  need you to pray for me. I want you and need you to study God's word with me. When we have children, I want to know that you will show them God's loveI need to know that you will lead us to Christ.
If my parents walk me down the aisle, it will be because you respected and loved them. They helped shape me into the woman I am today. They taught me about God, and encouraged me. 

If you disrespect your parents (especially your Mom), I will wonder if you will respect me.  Family conflicts are inevitable, but I know you will handle them in a Godly way. 
If I vow to submit to you as the spiritual leader of our home, it will be because I trust that you will love and respect meIf issues arise, I can trust that you will work them out with me. I can trust you won’t walk away from me when problems do come up. You have held my hands. You held me close during difficult times. You never belittled me for my feelings. You were honest in telling me that you disagree; but you never made me feel like I couldn’t open up to you.
Lastly, if I say ‘I Do’, it is because I can see, with your whole heart, that you love God.  I can see it in the way that you worship God. I can see it in the way you treat other people. I can see it in the way you realize you have made mistakes, and try to make it right. I can see it in the way God rules every part of your life.
In the end, what I want is a spiritual leader, best friend, confidante, and lover. I believe this is what God intended for marriage. I know that while it won’t be perfect, I will know I have found the love of my life.
Much love,

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  1. Wonderful writing as usual! So wise, I hope and pray you find that kind of husband. Hugs and Love, Gram