Monday, June 29, 2015

It Isn't the End of the World

Last week, as we know, the Supreme Court ruled that homosexuals have the right to be legally married. I have seen so many reactions to this ruling: Joy, Anger, Sadness, Uncertainty…the list goes on and on.

I can’t say that I was surprised by the ruling. We all knew it was coming.

God gave the world free will. The world has always chosen to do what they believe is best. It didn’t matter what time period we found ourselves in. Every year, decade, century, and millennium has had its share of people doing things that go against the word of God.

My feelings are a mix of uncertainty and sadness. My heart hurts for those rejecting God. My heart hurts for loved ones lost in lies told to them by Satan. My heart hurts knowing that people are hating us because they think we hate them-which couldn’t be further from the truth. I love everyone. I want to help people have a better day and feel encouraged, no matter who they are.  If people want to believe something different from me, I can respect it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt my heart in the process.

I feel uncertain because of how people will react to the Church now. Will there be more people being sued for not performing services that go against our conscience? What next?

That is what worries me. You can call me radical or say I'm overthinking this, but I foresee this as being an issue. We’ve already had multiple business owners in the US who were sued for not providing services for gay weddings.

 The reason we won’t provide these services isn’t because of hate. It is because we CANNOT do so. The bible says it is wrong to show approval of things God in His word has deemed as sin. (Romans 1:32.) It is simply because our purpose in life is to honor Him by doing what His word says to do.

Just because we disagree and can’t show approval of what you are doing, doesn’t mean that we don’t respect, care, or think a lot of you. If you are on my Facebook and are a part of the LGBT community, please know that I love every one of you and that I respect all of you. You are all kind and good people; but I can’t say that God thinks that what you’re doing is okay. I would be lying to you if I said that, because that isn’t what God’s word says.

Back to my brothers and sisters in Christ: Truth is, right now, regardless of what happens now or in the future, the only things we can do are
-To pray. (1 Thess. 5:17, Eph. 6:17.)
-Study our bibles to know for sure what God wants from us. (2nd Tim. 2:15.)
-Continue spreading the Gospel. (Mark 16:15.)
-Doing good for other people. (Gal. 6:10, Prov. 3:27.)
-Encourage others and being kind in all exchanges. Be careful of how you speak to others. (Eph. 4:29, 1 Pet. 3:15-16.)
-And grow closer together and to God. (1 Thess. 5:11, 1 Thess. 4:16-17, James 4:8.)

These things are all we can do. God requires our whole hearts, and so that is what we should give Him. (Mark 12:29-31) Regardless of what happens, the world is going to hate us, and Jesus has already warned us about it beforehand. (John 15:18-21.)

Never forget, it isn't the end of the world because of this. Let's continue taking up our crosses and following after Christ with all of our hearts.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Post With Poetry: I Am Not Beautiful

I am not beautiful-not in your way.
I do not fit your mold.
I don’t even fit your minuscule clothes.

Size twenty-six, twenty-eight-Yep, that’s me.
I used to feel ashamed.
I used to think that I was worthless.

I am not beautiful-not in your way.
When I read His Word
I see what beauty actually is

It is words that bring hope and kindness
It is the strength of heart
And reaching out to others in love.

God made you beautiful-in His way.
No matter what you’re told
With your size, or your clothes

The Lord will show you, He’ll help you see
Who you are, who you can become
His love’s deeper than all earth’s blessings.

God made you beautiful-in His way.
Your worth’s found in His Words.
And you’ll find that your heart will suffice,

And for yourself will grow more fondness.
You can have a new start,
Realizing how much you’re really loved.