Friday, October 3, 2014

Post with Poetry

The Storm

What beauty fills my eyes
At this dark night hour
The sky cries tears of joy
Dancing with fingers of light

My lungs breathe out a sigh
My breathe starts to cower
The storm my heart employs
And I praise the maker bright

Amidst the storms of life
We all just rush on by
We take no time to see
To be in awe of God

People, in all their strife
Passing by, ask me why
Some think me crazy
Some think me quite odd

But it is pure wonder
In the flashing of light
The rolling of thunder
Of the Lord's creative hand

And oft do I ponder,
While seeing this great sight,
How most their awe hinder
Eyes on the mundane, not grand

How different life could be
If we only took the time
To take in the beauty
The creator gave to us

If only then we see
Would our hearts the more pine
For the Artist we need
Who formed us from earth's dust

The storm displays His pow'r
Reminds me of His strength
In my life of weakness
In the midst of life's trials.

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