Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Swimwear Dress Code at Camp...Why?

The issue I'm about to bring up may cause some divided reactions. Yet, I feel the need to bring it up.

I think a lot of us know the issue dealing with swimwear, and how most of it really isn't modest at all. However, I want to put forth an issue you may have not thought about before.

At bible camps every summer, I know that most of them have separated swim times-which is great, and definitely helps the opposite genders out a lot with lust issues.

However, have many of us ever paused to think about those who may be struggling with same sex attraction?

I'm sure it's hard to even fathom this even happening in the church.  I'm very sure that even in the church, there are those-especially our young people-that are struggling with this, yet many are too ashamed to ask for help and prayers. This is a HUGE issue nowadays and can't be ignored.

Don't believe it? I've actually heard and know of kids who've gone to different camps (unbeknownst to the counselors) that have admitted to having issues with this. Very few seem to realize this though (or maybe don't really want to).

I believe when it comes to swim time, especially for the girls, there needs to be a dress code for swimwear. At the very least, they shouldn't be allowed to wear the itsy-bitsy bikinis leaving very little to the imagination, or the so-called “mono-kinis” (one piece swimsuits that cover as much as a bikini does).

It may seem silly, but really think about it-everyone has sins they struggle with. Christian camps should be a spiritual safe-haven for those who come. The week should be uplifting for them and encouraging so that when they leave, they feel strengthened to stand against temptation-not feeling discouraged and wondering why they can't get a break.

We don't want to push these kids away. So why put them in an environment that will make it all the more difficult for them? I know of a few young people that have left the church because of same sex attraction issues. Because they weren't getting any help or encouragement, or fear of being shunned, they eventually gave up and left, acting on their temptations.

Sure, it was their decision to leave, but we as Christians MUST be a light of kindness, love, and encouragement to other people-especially our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ (Galatians 6:10). I don't think we will want to stand before God one day knowing that we were hateful or uncaring towards those that needed our help. We must allow God to use us to help other people-even if it's as simple as what do for our kids at camp.

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